Downloading the Modpack Launcher

To download a Pixelmon Modpack, to make it easier you can download a Modpack Launcher that will automatically install all mods required for you to play.

Technic Launcher makes it easy to use and download. You can download the launcher here:

Finding the right Modpack

Pokeblock requires a certain modpack to be downloaded to play on the server.

You can search for many modpacks on the Technic Launcher through the search bar. Just type in the keywords and it'll bring up the modpacks associated with it.

In the search bar, type "The Pixelmon Mod", then click install on the modpack that comes up.

Once the modpack is installed, you can select it from the list, and click play.

Joining Pokeblock!

Once you have launched your Pixelmon Modpack, you can add our server to your Minecraft Multiplayer Server List and join!

On the main menu of Minecraft, select the Multiplayer menu.

From this menu, you can add our server to your Multiplayer Server List.

Next, type in the IP of our server and click done!

Now, you can join Pokeblock and play Pixelmon with other players!